Sorell Silica Project

The Sorell Silica Project comprises a vast region of high-purity quartzite silica.  The project area was previously owned by Comalco (now Rio Tinto Aluminium), who conducted extensive feasibility and testing to determine the suitability of the deposit for the production of silicon metal.

Comalco established that the quartzite was ideally suited for this purpose, both in the silica's purity and thermal stability / mechanical strength.  Comalco has also stated that the extent of mineralisation could exceed 1.0 billion tonnes.

Silicon metal is used in a variety of applications, including the manufacture of solar cells, semiconductors (computer chips), electronic circuitry and as an additive in the aluminium industry.  Silicon metal is a product that is experiencing exponential growth due to its high-tech and renewable energy applications.

MHM is conducting continuing off take negotiations for this unique mineral deposit, which is owned 100% by the Company.