Tenement Overview

North Eastern Tasmania Tenement Area

The Company’s interests in North-Eastern Tasmania are prospective for gold and tin, and the region contains two readily identifiable projects:

  • Gladstone Gold Project 
  • Musselroe Tin and Tungsten Project

West Coast Tasmania Tenement Area

The West Coast of Tasmania was targeted because of its well-known prospectivity for large base metal deposits. The tenements under application in this area are prospective for gold, iron ore, high-purity silica, copper, nickel, zinc, and platinum group metals. 

MHM Has identified four highly prospective regional targets:

  • Sorell Silica Project
  • Double Cove Iron Ore Project
  • Hibbs Nickel Province
  • Thomas Creek Copper Gold Project

The tenement area has...

“most of the geological features of the heavily mineralised central part of Western Tasmania (Queenstown – Zeehan – Hellyer area), including the extension of the major host unit, the Mt Read Volcanics belt.  (The area contains) ultramafic rocks similar to the host rocks of the recent Allegiance Mining nickel discovery west of Zeehan, and numerous structural features of interest as potential mineralised features.  The area can be viewed as an under-explored extension of the West Coast.”*

Clearly MHM Metals is a company with readily identifiable, diverse targets.  Coupled with an experienced management team, there exists great potential for a highly profitable mining company that builds shareholder wealth into the future.

* The Tasmanian Geological Survey Record 2003/04 "A review of geology and exploration in the MHM Metals-Elliot Bay area, South West Tasmania" by K D Corbett.