Australian Operations

MHM's Australian salt cake recycling business is operated by wholly-owned subsidiary Alreco Pty Ltd. Alreco processes 100% of the salt cake produced in Australia, together with other materials such as non-salt cake and black dross.

Alreco processes material for Alcoa Australia Rolled Product Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcoa Inc, and Sims Aluminium Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sims Metal Management Limited. Alreco also has a program to recycle an existing salt cake landfill owned by Alcoa, estimated to contain 160,000 tonnes of salt cake.

Alreco's salt cake recycling facility is located in Moolap, near Geelong in Victoria. The facility is located within 2 kilometres of Alcoa's aluminium smelter at Point Henry, though the product that Alreco recycles for Alcoa comes from their Yennora, NSW facility.  The Alreco plant is also within 60 kilometres of Sims Aluminium Pty Ltd operations at Laverton, and less than 1 kilometre from Alcoa's salt cake landfill to be recycled. 

A contract has been signed for the supply of Alreco’s AL80 product. AL80 is produced from aluminium oxide, one of the commodities recovered from salt cake recycling. The compound is produced when aluminium oxide recovered from Alreco’s salt cake operations is value added using an additional proprietary process. Finding valuable applications for aluminium oxide has been a major hurdle with the industry trying unsuccessfully for a number of years to source a high value, high volume application. Following initial shipments to China follow-up orders have not been received in line with the contract.

MHM is working closely with the buyers and a number of other potential customers both locally and overseas to place the tag heuer replica watches for sale AL80 currently being produced. Sales have been made to Australian users and there are many other buyers who have been given samples and this process is continuing. MHM remains confident that it will sell all AL80 produced.

MHM believes there is an opportunity for further value adding of AL80, and this project is underway.